What we do


If you don’t think you need to think, then we can’t help you – but if you think you need some help to think more deeply and insightfully about the e-learning world, we’ll help you think the thoughts that’ll help you develop your business.

The Company of Thought (TCoT) aims to address unsatisfied customer needs and build new business models around them. Our Mission is to report and comment on trends within the e-learning industry worldwide, independent of any vested interests.

Why use us:

  • Knowledge gain
  • Risk reduction – we provide knowledge about industry developments so that you can take decisions about your future based on the best possible market knowledge at the time
  • Cost reduction – you won’t be able to access such high quality, accurate and comprehensive information more cost-effectively

Training Journal August 2015 pages 16-20

This article about TCoT by Bob Little appeared in the August 2015 edition of Training Journal  http://www.trainingjournal.com and is reproduced here with the magazine’s permission. Training Journal is committed to supporting continuing professional development through in-depth features that analyse learning and development principles in detail.

Facilitation and presentations 

The team are expert facilitators and you can read about our session at OEB 2015.