Facilitating at OEB 2015

Craig Weiss, Iva Matasic and David Patterson, all part of the Company of Thought team delivered an interactive session at OEB 2015.

The session proved highly interactive with Craig and Iva addressing the audience directly and even joining the audience to engage one to one, while David attempted to keep order as opinions and feedback flew around the room.

Questions focused heavily on the future of the  LMS and where e-learning would be 10 years and more from now, with questions coming from university learning technologists, learning practitioners, students and more reflecting the rich diversity of the audience that makes OEB such a vibrant event.

OEB_2015_7653 (2)_Craig, David and Iva (1)

Craig, David and Iva at OEB 2015

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Photographs by David Ausserhofer, Bettina Ausserhofer, Peter Himsel und Silvia Foz.

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